Our team at the dental practice of Heather Bobb, DDS, FICOI works hard to prevent every dental issue possible, including gum disease and periodontal disease. Although we do our best, these conditions still have the potential to develop, which is why our dentist provides periodontal treatment at our practice!

Gingivitis in Dripping Springs, Texas, advances into periodontal disease if it is left untreated. The disease develops when the plaque on your teeth never gets removed, which is why we strongly recommend attending regular dental checkups. At this time, you will begin to have constant bad breath and the plaque will irritate your gums enough to make them bleed every time you eat or brush your teeth. If it is still left untreated, the plaque irritates your gums so much that the gums begin to move away from your teeth, which exposes the roots of your teeth and makes the teeth look longer. Eventually, the plaque will release toxins into the underlying bone. The toxins will deteriorate the bone structure, which will then result in loose and lost teeth.

Our dentist is happy to prevent this condition by deeply cleaning your teeth every six months. If you indeed suffer from this disease, we happily provide a scaling and root planing technique that will completely clean your mouth while you are under a local anesthetic. If it is needed, we will also recommend the use of medications and mouth rinses to restore the health of your teeth and gums. If these treatments do not work, we also provide periodontal surgery.

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