If you have a decayed tooth, we are happy to restore your tooth’s health by removing the decay, cleaning the tooth, and filling the tooth with a dental filling in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Dr. Heather H. Bobb currently offers composite fillings at our practice, which are tooth-colored products that produce natural-looking results. This type of filling has the ability to provide support to your tooth because it can chemically bond to the tooth’s structure. This is also a product that not only restores the health of your tooth, but it also aids in additional problems, like cracked, broken, or fractured teeth. Additionally, this is a great product that provides safe, successful results to those who are opposed to silver amalgam fillings.

The process involved in placing a dental filling involves your dentist numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. After your mouth is numb, she will remove the decayed portion of your tooth with a special tool. Your dentist will then deeply clean the tooth to eliminate the risks associated with any more problems. When the tooth is clean, she will fill the tooth, layer by layer, with the composite filling. Once the tooth is full, she will trim and shape the top of the filling to make it fit perfectly with your bite.

If you have any questions regarding dental fillings, call our office today!