What You Should Know About Laser Dentistry

You know that you should visit our dentist once every six months if you’re interested in keeping your mouth as healthy and strong as possible. However, what do you do if you’re worried about making that visit? Luckily, there are a few things you can do—especially if it’s the drill that worries you. You see,… Read more »

A Tooth That Is Accidentally Knocked Out Can Be Replaced by Installing a Bridge

Having a tooth knocked out from a sports injury or other accidental blow to the face can be a serious cause for concern. In rare cases, the tooth is knocked out whole and Dr. might be able to implant it back in the socket. Most of the time when a tooth is knocked out, some… Read more »

Test Your Dental Care Knowledge With These Five Questions

If you’re a dental care expert, it’s time to test your knowledge with this dental care quiz! Feel free to answer the questions below and let our team know how you did: Question: How often should I visit my dentist? Answer: It’s best to visit your dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and… Read more »

Treatment for an Abscessed Tooth

Just like any other part other of our body, we can injure the inside of our mouth. If this happens, bacteria can potentially enter and cause an infection—which can lead to a painful swelling filled with pus. If the pus can’t escape the area will become even more swollen and painful. This is known as… Read more »

What is a Dental Emergency?

Do you what classifies as a dental emergency? Do you know when you should to your dentist or when you can wait for a more convenient appointment? Similarly, do you know what will happen to your teeth after a dental emergency? What will your teeth look like? Will your smile seem the same? If you’re… Read more »

We Can Restore Your Tooth

If despite your best efforts–daily brushing and flossing and regular dental cleanings–you feel pain when you chew your food, or you have a tooth that is sensitive to hot and cold, or a tooth that just won’t stop aching, you may have developed dental caries. And if that is the case, you are not alone!… Read more »

How Frequent Alcohol Consumption Increases Your Risk For Oral Cancer

Did you know that oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in men worldwide? An even scarier statistic is that 75-80% of oral cancer patients drink alcohol frequently. Is there a causal correlation between alcohol consumption and an increased risk for oral cancer? Studies indicate that this is so, and here is what they… Read more »

Healthy Gums, Happy Smile

The health of your gums play a crucial role in helping maintain overall oral health and in supporting a bright smile. Millions of people worldwide, however, suffer from various forms of gum disease. Untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth decay and loss, in addition to oral pain and sensitivity. Fortunately, there are a variety… Read more »

A Healthy Smile Is as Close as Your Toothbrush

Happy New Year to all our patients for the coming 2016! We are excited to help you reach your newest health goals. One of the easiest changes you can make to benefit your smile is as simple as changing your toothbrush! Your toothbrush’s purpose is to remove plaque and stimulate your gums to keep away… Read more »

How to Perform a Flawless Flossing Job

It’s not too hard to perform a flawless flossing job—you just need to be gentle and pay close attention to the process. To help you perform the best flossing job possible, we are happy to provide the following flossing steps: 1. Use about 18 inches of floss. Wind most of the floss around one of… Read more »